• IIM Calcutta wraps up the Summer Placements for 2014-2016 batch

    IIM Calcutta successfully completed the summer placements process for the batch of 2014-2016. 451 students of this batch got summer internship offers in just over 2.5 days. The institute set [...]

  • IIM Calcutta hosts Mr. Palagummi Sainath for the 14th Institute Lecture Series

    8th October, 2014. This date will be etched in the memories of 900+ IIMCians for a very long time to come.

  • IIM Calcutta rises to 13th in the Financial Times 2014 Rankings

    IIM Calcutta rose 6 places to take the 13th position in the Financial Times 2014 rankings

  • IIM Calcutta to incubate 40 start-ups over five years

    The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta is all set to host about 40 start-ups

  • Systems Consulting Club presents TedxIIMC

    Informative, Thought provoking and sublime. These are the precise words that summarize the experience at TEDxIIMC held on 23rd August 2014. The event organized by TED and Systems Consulting Club [...]

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Campus life

[21 Nov 2014 | No Comment]

The Public Policy and Politics Special Interest Group organized a lecture by Dr. Denis Medvedev, Senior Country Economist, World Bank Group on the Next Wave of Economic Reforms in India [...]

[10 Oct 2014 | No Comment]

8th October, 2014. This date will be etched in the memories of 900+ IIMCians for a very long time to come.

[23 Sep 2014 | No Comment]

After all the academic stress, our body, mind and soul need rejuvenation. What better way to relax and rejuvenate than an adventure trip that takes you away from the campus [...]


[19 Nov 2014 | No Comment]

IIM Calcutta got to play host to Mr. Palagummi Sainath on 8th October 2014 on the occasion of the 14th Institute Lecture. Mr. Sainath gave an enthralling lecture about the [...]

[26 Sep 2014 | No Comment]

The External Relations Cell of IIM Calcutta presents the 6th episode of the Insight Series. For this edition, we have with us Prof. Anirvan Pant from the Strategic Management Group, speaking [...]

Students Speak

[3 Jul 2014 | No Comment]

The month of February usually descends on Joka with a good measure of gloom and nostalgia. The conversation topics – in the mess, the hostel corridors and the jetty – [...]

[5 Feb 2014 | No Comment]

I remember reading a story “Run Boy Run” in middle school. The story is about a boy in the early 20th century, Glenn Cunningham whose legs are badly burnt in [...]

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