Defeating students in cricket is “Bayein Haath Ka Khel”: Prof. Leena Chatterjee

January 7, 2013 ICPL 0 Comment

“Oh poor kids! My feeling is that they are never going to be able to make a come back after their humiliating defeat from their alumni during Reminiscence!” exclaims a concerned Prof. Leena Chatterjee as she learns that the Student Faculty cricket match at IIM Calcutta is scheduled on the 9th of January 2013.

It is evening time at Joka and Prof. Chatterjee is busy wrapping up after a busy day and is quick to add that defeating the students for the faculty it is like “Bayein Haath Ka Khel”.

On being asked about her expectation from the match, she minced no words in expressing her concern for the student side which according to her will face a demoralising defeat. “I think the student team will need a psychologist to increase their sense of self efficacy. Last time we were offering them counselling post the match but now I think we need to do something before the match as well”, she added, referring to the stress the student team must be under.

Prof. Chatterjee’s remarks have revealed the possible effects of post-defeat trauma on the student’s side after the Trout and Ries cricket match. No comments have been received from the student’s side so far which seems to be avoiding limelight. However, due to the ICPL fever catching up, many teams have started practicing and when we asked Prof. Chatterjee whether she thinks that the student team could be the underdogs on wednesday she retorted, ” See, these kids are not as good as the faculty anyway, and they are just using different coping strategies. I think they are in denial!.”

She added that yet again the students will give irrelevant excuses like they let the faculty win,”I mean what nonsense!  Nobody is going to reduce their grades if they win. It is a match fair and square and if at all, we may respect them a little more if they even manage to play slightly well. The thing is they are not capable of it.”

Her remarks, though sympathetic, spread rumours that the students’ side might be trying to avoid playing the match altogether by praying to the rain Gods for help on Wednesday. The faculty team however, seems charged up and even though they have remained unbeaten in a match against student’s, they were still seen practicing hard in the evening. It seems that the profs will leave no stone unturned to demolish the student side again, unless the students’ come up with a miracle.

More pre-match updates to follow…

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