What Business Shall We Talk About After You Buy YouTube Views?

Posted on March 14, 2018


It’s all about the germination of a few great ideas. Today, you might already know that it’s a good idea to start a conversation online. Here, you might want to be on your favorite social media network and invite a few likeminded entrepreneurs to join your venture. Or you might wish to go it alone. This will be okay if you think you can manage all the other administrative tasks that go towards helping you meet your service deadlines.

You need to make sure that your marketing material is up to date and online visitors have an accurate idea of what goods and services you’re putting out there this month. More work to do when you refresh the catalogue on your business website. You link this to your latest YouTube video which highlights the new entries. You continue with your production rehearsals for a little while longer, thinking all the while that you need a more persuasive voice.

You want to truly convince online visitors that your services and goods are better than all the rest. This can be a bit of a long shot, but no harm done in being ambitious. It’s already quite helpful that you believe that your material is going to be a standard bearer. After all, before you ventured online, you had more than enough practice and you’ve built up some experience. Door to door salesmanship came into play and you had some success selling your wares to interested buyers. It helped, of course, that thanks to their impressions, the good people that bought your goods volunteered a bit of word by moth advertising.

But now you want your business to expand. You want to make more people aware of what you have got to offer them. You’ve contracted in a reliable shipping agency, so you’re happy to believe that your response to online purchase requests will be efficiently managed and timely. No-one will wait long to receive what you’ve produced for them. Another task that needs to be handled on an ongoing basis is the processing of numerous purchase orders.

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Making sure you get paid on time and ensuring that your books are going to balance, just like they’ve always done before, on time. But now you sit. Not much seems to be happening online. Even after speaking with a few online comrades, no-one seems to have responded to your YouTube video. And then you remind yourself that these folks that you’ve been networking with are actually your competitors. If you haven’t been talking to anyone online, of course, you are even lonelier at this time.

And it is only after you buy YouTube views that we, and quite a few others, can start talking about your business and its products. That’s why it might just help that you buy YouTube comments as well. Otherwise how are we going to put our word in for you, edge-wise or otherwise?