The Worlds First Mobile Blockchain Gambling Application

iDice became the worlds first mobile blockchain gambling app that is completely supported by android and IOS devices. iDice is powered by Ethereum and has the intention of dominating the mobile gaming industry. The app will come with features such as a wallet that will be perfect for mobile gambling, making the players lives much easier.

It’s no surprise iDice expanded from desktop to mobile considering more than 80% of internet searches done are on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. There is a lot of internet traffic via mobile devices. iDice will be the first of its kind to hit the mobile app market leaving plenty of room for growth and development, also making it the perfect place to invest for profit.

One reason why this application gained popularity so quickly is because of its decentralized, fair and no risk of losing funds appeal. Every transaction performed on the app is done by smart contracts, which ultimately eliminate the risk of hacking or other security threats.

What started out as a simple idea on paper has turned into a billion-dollar enterprise. It’s no surprise as to why many major corporations have decided to invest in iDice. Ethereum can be traded for tokens which can then be used as shares for the company. Meaning if you possess a token you own part of the total profit gained by iDice.

As if iDice becoming the world’s first mobile blockchain wasn’t enough of a reason to invest in Ethereum here are a few more. Ethereum has way more applications than bitcoin and is backed by over a dozen Fortune 500 companies. Ethereum is also being incorporated by major financial institutions.  Bank of America was one of the first financial institutions to work with Ethereum blockchain. With the help of Microsoft, the company created an application that would allow customers to secure their transactions.


Ethereum is the most popular of all digital currency so many people are trying to get their hands on it. Signing up for a wallet such as Coinbase sets you up to purchase digital currency. You can then pay with your bank account, credit card and even PayPal. Once you have your own supply of Ethereum, you can then start you adventures playing on iDice or investing in the future of the company.